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21,000 oranges in 24 hours? When we say we go above and beyond, we're not kidding.


The Project

When Wawa’s annual “Value’s Day” coincided with their opening in a new territory, they needed a gift that would delight their employees while recognizing Wawa’s core values. Because their new territory just happened to be Florida, oranges were a natural fit for this launch.


The Challenges

Before we ever received the oranges, we already knew that fulfillment had to happen quickly in order to maintain their freshness.  However, we did not anticipate that they would still be covered in dirt from the field, which meant they had to be cleaned and dried before labels could be adhered to them.

Also, the printed letter being inserted into the carton would no doubt be damaged by the condensation from the oranges, so we needed a solution to make sure it arrived safe and dry.

The Results

All 21,000 oranges were quality checked, hand washed and sent back out on a refridgerated truck within 24 hours.  The printed letter was placed in an insert to protect it from the condensation and the result was a huge success.  The message got through loud and clear, and as you can see, the employees were very happy!

All 21,000 oranges were quality checked, hand washed and decaled and sent back out on a refrigerated truck in 24 hours.

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