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This award winning mailer brought home the industry Spirit Award for 2012 "Best Client Promotion."

Axis Promotions - Univison - 2012 Spirit Award - Best Client Promotion

The Project

To announce and engage Hispanic TV network Univision's partners about the launch of the new novella network, TLNovela, Axis worked with Univision's ad agency to come up with a promotion and custom packaging that really took flight.

The Products

The goal was to communicate "taking off" and the agency chose a battery powered butterfly that not only signified flight, but also tied into Univision's brand new logo.  When touched, the butterfly fluttered in the etched mason jar - causing pure excitement and surprise among the recipients.  The jar was placed in a custom box with a printed information card. About 500 pieces were sent out to all clients who currently air on Univision, as well as potential new clients. To keep it personal, men received blue butterflies and women received pink.

Axis Promotions Univision Mailer B

"Recipients were blown away by this mailing," Pine says. "The response was fantastic. It's completely engaging, captures the essence of the butterfly element in the logo, is active and lives on."

Axis Promotions Univision Mailer A

 The Result

As it turns out, recipients went head over heels when they opened the mailer.  The network took off and Axis jumped for joy.  This project won the Counselor Magazine 2012 Best Client Promotion Award.  It was definitely "a keeper."