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This gift brought together art and helping hands.

robin_hood_giftbagThe Project

The Robinhood Foundation is New York City's largest poverty fighting organization. At their annual gala they give out a custom bag to hold the many gifts the sponsors donate and thank the contributors.

The Products

Axis needed to create a bag that had style, function, and met a specific price point. This year, we provided a custom cooler, which also held the additional sponsor gifts.

In addition, Robinhood partnered with fashion designer Mara Hoffman to create a custom towel to pair with the cooler. Axis produced the original design of high quality towels to be given out with the bag.

The Challenge

Axis did the fulfillment and need to deliver the bags complete to the Javits center on the day of the event. This helped streamline all processes and freed up some of the staff on the day of the event.

The Result

The response from Robinhood was FANTASTIC. The recipients were thrilled with their bag, towel, and other assorted gifts.