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Axis helped USA Networks create a night that Psych fans will never forget.

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The Project

To gear up for the premiere of Psych Season 7 - USA Network came up with the idea of a virtual slumber party to keep their fans up all night watching a back to back marathon of episodes.  Axis jumped at the opportunity to help them create a buzz.

sleepy_pineappleThe Products

We got our creative juices going and came up with a kit containing comfy PJs, a sleep mask, a cushy pillow, and some Jiffy Popcorn – all branded - and sent it out to the show’s most fervent fans (Psych-os) in time for the opening episode.  USA hoped these fans would share their excitement about the merchandise and the new season on social media to draw buzz and attract new fans.

The Result

The fans, in turn, jumped on social media to post photos of themselves wearing the Psych pajamas, creating quite a buzz.  Hundreds of pictures were seen on Instagram and Twitter of the Psych-os' utilizing all their new swag to watch the show.   It was a big success. USA Network was happy, we were happy and the Psych fans were ecstatic.