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The New York Rhinos charge into the National Professional Grid League in gear from Axis Promotions.

New York Rhinos - NPGL - Axis - Crossfit GearThe Project

The New York Rhinos were preparing to launch their team and brand at the National Professional Grid League's (NPGL) first combine in Las Vegas and needed gear to outfit their athletes and sell to fans. The NPGL is a completely new sport of strategic team racing called Grid that is based around the fundamentals of functional fitness including crossfit, olympic weight lifting and other forms of functional fitness.

The Challenge

With Grid being a completely new sport, we were challenged with coming up with gear that was appropriate for athletes and fans that made them stand out against their competition, which we had not yet seen.  With the New York Rhinos being a completely new brand, there were still tweaks happening to the logo up until the final minute, and  we were on a time crunch to get the gear completed and delivered to Las Vegas in under two weeks.

The Products

From the New York Rhinos (NYR) booth to their athletes official gear, Axis helped bring the brand to life. For athletes we created t-shirts and tank tops in breathable poly-cotton that would be comfortable for working out and also stand out in photographs and on television.  We also created headbands that could be worn to keep hair back and sweat off the face.  Once athletes were signed, they were given an official NYR snapback hat and were given a commemorative pen to sign their contracts. Signing took place in front of a step-and-repeat created by Axis. For fans we also created sunglasses and inexpensive headbands and wristbands that they could purchase at retail along with other New York Rhinos merchandise.

The Results

The NPGL and New York Rhinos launched to a huge success in 2014 with the Rhinos drafting major figures in the world of fitness including 2 times Crossfit Games winner Annie Thorisdottir. Additionally, the NPGL struck a landmark deal with NBC to telecast playoffs and finals, where Axis gear will be seen front and center.

Andrea Ager holds a deadlift in NYR headband and tank topAndrea Ager holds a deadlift in NYR headband and tank top

Andrew Rape celebrates his signing with a New York Rhinos snapbackAndrew Rape celebrates his signing with a New York Rhinos snapback