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Tech, Apparel & Accessories - Mashable launches it's first online shop!


The Project

Mashable was looking to create a consumer based store for their fan base to purchase Mashable Branded Merchandise! They needed items for the initial launch that were fun, vibrant, useful and would make a WOW impression.

The Objective

We were given a 1 month to make all of this happen! From conception to implementation to store launch. We had to figure out products, printing and store logistics. It was important to source goods that could be purchased in small minimum quantities to supply the store (as warehousing large inventory was not an option). We needed quick turn around products that could include the Mashable full color artwork which is representative of their brand identity.

The Products

One of concepts we came up with was the idea of doing a Mashable Desk Accessory Pack. This included three components: a full color custom stress ball, a full color custom screen cleaner, and a full color custom wedge cleaner/phone stand. The three acted together to create a harmonious desk set. They are also packaged together conveniently, compact and easy to ship. The entire set is currently available for $20 online at the Mashable Store!

The Results

The Mashable Store launched on time, before Black Friday, without a glitch. The response was great! Consumers can now go online and purchase Mashable branded SWAG seamlessly. Axis handles the rest! Mashable also threw an amazing store launch party in Manhattan to promote the store and all of their new products. They even made a lifesize chair version of our wedge cleaner/phone stand for the event! You can read more about the Mashable Store Launch Party here: Mashable Launch