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Each seat in the Starr Theater was occupied by a stuffed toy penguin, ready for the big premiere!

Frozen Planet Penguins 2

The Project

Discovery Channel was planning a premiere showing of Frozen Planet at Lincoln Center in NYC.  To really "wow" the audience, they wanted a giveaway that created a momentous buzz without costing a monumental amount.

Axis Promotions Frozen Planet Case Study

The Challenge

The gift not only had to appeal to a diverse audience of reporters, marketing executives and Discovery fans, but it also needed to be ready to go in two weeks.

The Results

Lovable, huggable penguins with branded scarves - 1200 of them - all sitting up straight and tall in their seats when the guests entered the theater.  It was quite a scene.  The audience loved them, including the press, who spread the story in the Wall Street Journal and the NY Post.  It was a hot night for Frozen Planet!

Paula Zahn with Axis Promotions Frozen Planet Penguin