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Axis and KIND team up for a project that turns out to be #kindawesome!

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The Project

Health snack leader KIND needed an item that would appeal to yoga enthusiasts during some high profile summer events.  It was determined that most serious yogis own their own mats and would be unwilling to switch to something off-brand, so with only two weeks to pick an item, KIND turned to something everyone could use - a custom designed, lightweight mat bag with full color graphics.  The bag was designed from scratch to meet the needs of the client including size, strap, closure and artwork.

The Challenge

With only two weeks to take the bag from concept to delivery, we were on a tight deadline.  With our first pre-production sample the bag felt too thin and inexpensive.  We did not have much time, but we were determined to go above and beyond to get it right for the client and on time for the event.

The Results

After tweaking the bag and material, we produced a new pre-production sample within 24 hours and it was #kindawesome!  This project was so successful that the first order was not enough to meet the demand, so the bag has been repeated several times since the first event.