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Axis helps jetBlue turn their online store in to a pop-up success.

The Project

Axis client jetBlue wanted to create a pop-up store in T5, their terminal at JFK airport. The goal was to test their merchandise in a retail setting and also to give employees and passengers a chance to buy in person, rather than the on-line store.

Axis Jet Blue Popup Store 2

The Challenge

Aside from providing merchandise for the store, we also had control of the entire retail experience.  Axis set up the store, designed the layout and hired temporary retail staffing.  Once the stage was set, we were further challenged by the location of the pop-up.  Because it was set in a wide-open area of the terminal, it had to be taken down each night and then reconstructed in the morning before the terminal opened for business.

Axis Jet Blue Popup Store 3


The pop-up store was a huge success with over $12,000 in sales over the five-day period, and it helped to create buzz for jetBlue's on-line merchandise program.

Axis Jetblue T5 Popup Shop Jet Blue