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Axis helps Quest Diagnostics transform data collection into an interactive experience.

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The Project

Axis was asked by a leading Pharmaceutical and Medical advertising agency to help develop a very static pediatric allergen diagnostic sheet to be used in doctors office.  We were tasked to create something that would engage kids, provide value for parents and allow pediatricians to gather important data.

The Challenge

The previous model for the chart was a simple sheet of paper with boxes to check off, it was simple but archaic.  We needed to create something that was engaging and also present it properly to doctors so that they would see the value in a new way of collecting data.

The Products

We created a custom designed slider board that sits on a display stand.  The board has 15 common allergens on slider tabs that the children can slide across the board to sit in the column that most describes their symptoms when they "eat fish" or are "around hay."  One side has food allergens and the other side has environmental allergens.

The board was packed in a picnic basket style box with a custom color plaid blanket and the messaging was "Don't Be Afraid of the Outdoors."

The Results

Doctors loved the gift and were open to adopting this next generation of data collection.  As a plus, once the doctors collected the data - the patients were able to play with the board and stay engaged so that the parents could talk with the doctors about treatment options and next steps.