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EF builds brand awareness during the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.

EF Smithsonian Axis Promotions Img18220

The Project

For EF Education First, the world leader in international education, the 2013 Presidential Inauguration was an ideal opportunity to raise awareness of the EF brand for travelers visiting Washington, D.C.  In addition to turning heads, EF also wanted to excite the participants in their program, both high school travelers and tour leaders, who were visiting the Smithsonian while also participating in an important historical event.

The Products

To achieve high visibility, EF and Axis teamed up on patriotic sunglasses that were given out to 2500 students participating in the experience.  Students were told they could wear the custom shades anywhere on their face, head, neck or jacket as long as they were visible.  This helped the tour leaders identify members of their group, and drew also drew outside attention to the EF program.

The 200 tour leaders and chaperons also received matching scarves, beanies and glasses to help them maintain high visibility while promoting the EF brand.  In addition, thousands of EF stickers were given out at random. 

The Results

This program helped the EF brand build awareness during a time in which nearly a million tourists were visiting Washington, D.C.  The youth participants tweeted and shared pics of their new gear, garnering high social media marks for the brand, and the timing of the program made each piece a lasting historical souvenir.