Apr 2019 02
posted by axis

We're gearing up for Earth Day (April 22) with some of our favorite eco-living swag. Check out the branded products that will give your customers a green thumb!


Glass Water Bottle

Trade your plastic water bottles for this sleek and stylish reusable bottle, featuring an infuser to take hydration to the next level. Decorate the bamboo cap or directly on the glass, and keep your name in your customers’ hands.


Reusable Straws

As consumers around the world move to ditch plastic, we’re offering branded solutions to the straw dilemma. Whether you choose paper or reusable materials, the possibilities are endless with multiple decorating locations, colors and packaging.



Help your customers keep water waste to a minimum. This five-minute timer includes a suction cup so users can place it in the kitchen or the shower and keep their water use in check.


Plantable Pencil

Put your name on a gift that keeps giving (and growing) with this one-of-a-kind pencil. Each pencil includes your choice of cherry tomato, basil, cilantro, daisy or carnation seeds. Once your customer is finished writing, they can easily plant their pencil for a delicious surprise!


Packable Tote

Save the environment - with style. These retail-inspired packable totes will help your customers stay environmentally-conscious while showing off your brand.


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