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Build deeper relationships and loyalty in 2021 by giving back. A communications study found that 85 percent of buyers would switch to a brand that supports a cause. Aligning your brand with brands that give back makes employees feel they are supporting a larger cause as brands have an opportunity to improve the world on a grand scale. It’s time to put your best foot forward with branded swag and treats that give back.

Ever had life-changing brownies? These delicious brownies are a gift baked with purpose. With your purchase you help Community Table Kitchen support adults experiencing homelessness leave the streets behind by employing, housing, and helping them as they get a foothold to transform their lives. These delicious truffle brownie gifts can be customized with your logo or greeting in a variety of ways.

Spark change, make waves, and lift communities with socially impactful gift sets.
Proceeds from these gift sets help the 1Eleven Program create career paths for people with barriers to employment, sparking change and transforming lives for the communities most in need. Choose from a variety of bath and spa products that lift your look, mood, and the world.

You are sure to make an impact with AllMade shirts, whose mission is to reduce the consumers' carbon footprint and save water with shirts made from recycled materials. Liven up your company's corporate values by literally wearing it on your sleeve.

With the sale of every bottle, One Hope donates to causes they believe in all around the world. One Hope has helped build schools in Guatemala, fund clinical trials and research and give meals to children in need - just to name a few. Learn more about the causes One Hope believes in.

Who wouldn't love to combat a bigger purpose with their pup by their side? With each sale, $1 goes out to MSPCA, which advocates for long-term change for animals with its push for state legislation to prevent animal abuse and more.

Doing good will influence your consumers actions & choices.

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