What’s your secret talent?

Memorizing lyrics to any song. Once I hear a song for the first time, I can absorb the lyrics and know them for the second time I hear it.

What is your favorite movie quote?

Note to self: must buy hand held tape recorder. Then I will no longer be speaking into the garage door opener. - The Stupids

What was the single-most influential event in your lifetime?

Traveling to China to live and work there for 3 months really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Nothing is better than experiencing cultures first hand.

What’s a fear you’re proud to have overcome?

Being afraid of spiders. However, if they are really big, I still might not have overcome that fear.

If you could close your eyes and be anywhere on earth when they opened, where would you be?

Tahiti, laying on a float in the water with a pina colada in my hand. Staring up at the blue sky.

What is your number one karaoke song choice?

Two Butterflies. Or Any song with a good beat. Can't go wrong with Lady Gaga, Queen, or Bon Jovi.

If you could take a road trip with any celebrity, who would you choose?

Rebel Wilson. She always knows how to have a good time. The entire car ride she would be telling jokes, making me laugh, and forgetting things. I know it would a road trip I would never forget.

If you could have a superpower, which would you choose?

Teleportation. How amazing would it be to teleport to any location as you please? Like I want to go to Machu Picchu.. and end up standing on the mountains with the llamas and the alpacas looking at the ruins.