Sharon grew up in Wayne, NJ and is now residing in Hoboken, NJ. She graduated from Pace Univerisity, Class of 2004!

My road to Axis

Marketing Coordinator at Essex Computers - Internal Event Planning, Customer Retention and Training Event Planning

Special Projects Manager at Jet Set Sports and their sister company CoSport - which specialized in Corporate (Jet Set) and Consumer (CoSport) Hospitality for the Olympic Games and Olympic Winter Games - Outfitted staff and sourced corporate and consumer gifts for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games (2005 - 2010)

Marketing Manager at The Systems Group (TSG) - which specializing in internal events, sales support and trade show planning and execution. (2011 - 2014)

Area of Expertise

Problem Solving - If there was a problem, YO I'll solve it, check out the hook while my DJ revolves it ;)

Before Axis, I was

Lost and slowly becoming obsessed with Corporate Branding

Favorite Hobby

Running and Food - I run so I can eat!

Special Awards or Recognitions

Promo Product Queen (from Varalee)

Dream Destination

Anywhere that has white sandy beaches, warm sunshine and cocktails with little umbrellas

Guilty Pleasure

Corny Music and The Real Housewives of NJ

Favorite Movie Quote

"Life is short, if you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it" - Ferris Bueller

If you were a product, what would you be?

A charger, Reliable and Full of Energy

Proudest Axis moment

Being the first recipient of the "Torch of Axillence"

Songs Included on the Soundtrack of your life

  • Vienna - Billy Joel
  • My Sharona - The Knack
  • Glitter in the Air - P!NK
  • Toes - Zac Brown Band

You won't catch me without

Coffee - usually Dunkin Donuts

Favorite Promotional Product

iWallets and Pop Stands

Personal Motto

No matter how you feel... Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up...

Favorite Sports Team

New York Yankees and the New Jersey Devils