Lisa joined Axis in 2001 and is currently VP, Sales.  With 25 years of promotional marketing experience, she oversees one of Axis’ most successful account teams and leads the company’s White Plains, N.Y. office.  Lisa has been honored with numerous industry awards for creative promotional campaigns and has been consistently ranked in the top 5% of industry professionals by sales.  These accolades speak to her individual commitment to projects, developing unique marketing campaigns for a myriad of clients.

 Lisa holds a Master’s degree in Music Therapy from New York University, in addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Voice and Opera from Boston University.


Area of Expertise

Providing creative ideas and solutions

Something about you that no one would guess

I’m an opera singer and love latin dancing

Your personal style in three words

Calm, Cool and collected… or not!

Favorite Hobby


Dream Destination

South Africa

Guilty Pleasure

Cheeseburger smothered with onions and fries

Proudest Axis moment

Producing the shirts and signage for the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2013

Songs Included on the Soundtrack of your life

Always and Forever

You won't catch me without

My eyelash curler and of course my phone

What is your personal motto


Favorite Sports Team


Your nickname and why

Leapinlee- I guess because I’m always game for trying anything??