It’s hard to believe that Lauren was born and raised in the 5 Towns, Long Island, but she was!  After an incredible four years sampling three different majors at SUNY Geneseo, (the Harvard of the SUNY system), Lauren graduated in 2004 with a BA in Communication and one credit short of a minor in Conflict Studies.

While competing with every other SUNY graduate for the same job in magazine ad sales, Lauren moonlit as the manager of her local sneaker store, humbled by putting sneakers on the feet of girls she graduated high school with. But this Cinderella of Cedarhurst had bigger dreams and moved on as an event planner for a philanthropic event planning firm.  After 7 whole months of that stint, a friend convinced her to apply for a job at Axis Promotions and she has continued to live the promotional dream since 2006.

Lauren currently lives in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn with her amazing husband Jason, (who she has been friends with since 3rd grade), and her adorable, allergy-riddled cockapoo, Thriller.

Area of Expertise

Forecasting the hottest trends in Bar Mitzvah fashions

Something about you that no one would guess

All through high school I appeared on a weekly cable show called School’s Out on the now defunct Metro Channel.  I was part of a three student panel and got to interview A-Listers such as Stephen Dorff, Patricia Hearst, John Waters, and the lead singer from the band Living Colour.

Your personal style in three words

Blossom meets Bloomingdales

Before Axis, I was

a naive 22 year old event planner who was still wearing purple contacts.

Favorite Hobby:

I eWindow Shopping: I fill up an online shopping cart with everything I want and then don’t buy it.  Instant gratification, and it’s free!

Special Awards or Recognitions

SUNY Geneseo President’s Award for Outstanding Sorority Woman of the Year, 2004.   I won’t take it off my resume and now it’s here for the entire internet to see!

Dream Destination

China.  I am hoping that I can go on a fabulous sightseeing tour that includes The Great Wall and the island of Sanya.  If not, I will settle for Larry taking me with him to do factory tours.

Guilty Pleasure

Kale chips, road trips, and Lifetime movies.

Proudest Axis moment

Meeting Bill Clinton with my Axis colleagues after dinner at the PPAI show in Las Vegas, and actually having the guts to beg him to take a picture with me!

You won't catch me without

Chanel eyeliner… if it’s not spread thickly on my lids, then it’s tucked safely in my backpack.

Favorite Publication

any Lonely Planet guide.

Favorite Promotional Product

Ummm, obviously the plastic dress keychain where you can pop off the dress and switch it from pink to white.  You can decorate the piece by screen printing on the beautiful rhinestone speckled silhouette.  It also comes with a classy metal charm in the shape of a purse.  I have been trying to sell this product since 2006 and it’s something that I aspire to sell in the near future.

If you were a product, what would you be

Ummm, obviously the plastic dress keychain where you can pop off the dress and switch it from pink to white.

What is the best marketing idea of all time (not necessarily your own)

Crystal Pepsi… so underrated.

Favorite Sports Team

The New York Giants because my dog was featured as their Fan of the Week on their official Facebook page!

Personal Motto


Fun Fact

Marci Kaplan was my camp counselor in 1995.  It took us several years of sitting next to each other to make this connection.