Johanna is from Long Island NY and has a masters in Communication Arts from NYIT. She has an identical twin sister and an older sister. Her mom was born in Cuba and her dad was born in Argentina so she grew up learning English and Spanish at the same time. She now lives in Chicago with her husband Joseph (who she met at Axis!) and their daughter Olivia Bella. She has been with Axis for about 12 years and loves how the job keeps her on her toes everyday.

Area of Expertise

Product knowledge and new business development

Something about you that no one would guess

I can dance a mean Argentinian tango

Your personal style in three words

Fun & breezy

Before Axis, I was

Working at an Osteopathic Medical school teaching medical students how to work with patients through a standardized robotics lab.

Favorite Hobby


Special Awards or Recognitions

Completed 5 full marathons and several half marathons. Each one was an award!

Dream Destination


Guilty Pleasure


Favorite Movie Quote

"You're killing me, Smalls!" - The Sandlot

If you were a product, what would you be?

A sportula. Everyone loves a sportula

Proudest Axis moment

Opening up an office in Chicago

Songs Included on the Soundtrack of your life

Wonderful Tonight (it was my wedding song)

You won't catch me without

a pen, a tape measure and something to read

Favorite Publication


Favorite Promotional Product

so so many! I get excited about products every day. I love mini sharpies, custom bags, a great journal, custom molded USBs, great apparel with unique decorations, the list goes on and on

Personal Motto

Work hard and  set goals. My parents were immigrants and showed me that hard work is not an option. They often told me they were proud of me, not for accomplishments, but for setting goals to reach those accomplishments.

Favorite Sports Team

La Albiceleste (Argentina’s national football team )

Nickname and Why

Jo  - why not?