Deb Helft Lerner got started in this industry the old fashioned way - by answering a newspaper ad in 1993.  Her boss gave her a bag of samples, and she came back with her first order of 500 t-shirts!  A lot has changed since then, and since joining Axis in 2002 Deb has now moved up the ranks to become CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer).  She lives in Connecticut and her greatest accomplishment is her son, Ben - aka Bugaboo.

Area of Expertise

“Think Tank"... just somehow knowing where to find the product

Something about you that no one would guess

I love calming moments in my kitchen - cooking and baking up in a storm with my music on singing and dancing

Your personal style in three words

Make it work!

Before Axis, I was

Restaurant Manager, training, hiring, firing- front house staff, “Garmento”, Sales, Wedding Gown.. Yes, Bridezillas DO exist!

Favorite Hobby

working out, being outside at a  beach!

Dream Destination

Sunny beach. ANYWHERE!!!

Guilty Pleasure

Skors bars, Fritos  OK.. margaritas , Guacamole & chips!

Favorite Movie Quote

Thomas Crown Affaire “ Do you wanna dance, or do you wanna  dance???”

If you were a product, what would you be?

A charger!!!

Proudest Axis moment

Every time I get a new client!

Songs Included on the Soundtrack of your life

  • Aretha Franklin “RESPECT”
  • The Stones "You Can't Always Get What You Want!"
  • Doobie Brothers
  • Traffic
  • Moody Blues
  • Rod Stewart
  • And.. wait for it..... DISCO!!!!!

You won't catch me without

lip gloss, concealer, tape measure

Favorite Publication

Prevention Magazine

Favorite Promotional Product

The "Easy" button!.. keeps all in perspective

What is the best marketing idea of all time

When your boot order is on Back order from LL Bean. they send you a replica LL Bean boot Key tag. Wish I thought of that!

Personal Motto

“Don’t mess with my family, my friends or my money!”

Favorite Sports Team

GIANTS …..What can I say, I'm a Jersey Girl!