Area of Expertise

Bar trivia, sartorial knowledge

Personal style in three words

Less is more

Before Axis, I was

Roughing it in luxury retail

Favorite Hobby

Exploring sample sales, listening to podcasts

Special Awards or Recognitions

Captain of my high school football team

Dream Destination

Italy, Japan

Guilty Pleasure

Peanut M&Ms and pretzels

Favorite Movie Quote

"We wanna be free! We wanna be free to do what we wanna do. We wanna be free to ride. We wanna be free to ride our machines without being hassled by The Man! And we wanna get loaded..." - Loaded Angels

You won't catch me without


Favorite Publication

NY Post

Best Marketing Idea of All Time

Air Jordan 1 - Banned

Personal Motto

Act as if

Favorite Sports Team

Cubbies (Bob in Park Ridge/Niles voice)

Nickname and Why

Scola, Scols