Area of Expertise

Finding creative solutions to help my clients achieve their marketing goals.

Something about you that no one would guess

I worked as a Gallery Assistant in a fine art gallery in San Diego, CA.

Your personal style in three words

Bold Comfy Chic

Favorite Hobby

Running around on the beach with my adopted Yorkie Poo named Lefty because he only turns left and loves to run in circles!

Dream Destination


Guilty Pleasure

Binge watching Sex and the City reruns.

Proudest Axis moment

Being nominated to be on the Axis Culture Committee.

You won't catch me without

Sunglasses, Chanel lip gloss, and my iPhone

Favorite Publications

InStyle, Bust Magazine, AdWeek

Favorite Promotional Product

Cross Medium Blue Signature Journal with a pen upgrade to the Edge Rollerball

Best Marketing Idea of All Time

U2 working with Apple to get their music on users iPhones across the globe.

Personal Motto

A good attitude and a smile go a long way!

Nickname and Why

Barb, Babs, Barbarella. Anything but Barbie!