Amanda was a marketing major at Georgetown University’s business school and is living her life-long dream: to shop for a living. When she is not working, she enjoys the daily comedies with her husband and two adorable little boys at their home in Andover, MA. Her back-up career plan was to dance professionally as she studied intensively since the tender age of 3.

Area of Expertise

Professional services (Tech, Consulting and Legal) and Non-profit organizations

Something about you that no one would guess

I am an extremely finicky eater – predominantly in the area of seafood and condiments. The first time I ate tomato sauce I was 22 years old. My Sicilian grandparents were not happy with me.

Your personal style in three words

Preppy. Fancy. Fun.

Before Axis, I was

Selling technology advertising when no one was buying. No better time to learn about rejection and the art of sales!

Favorite Hobby

Dance parties – anywhere, anytime.

Special Awards or Recognitions

  • Winner of the 5th grade sit-up contest
  • Silver Pyramid Award for creative B-to-B solutions

Dream Destination

quiet little island off the coast of Italy

Guilty Pleasure

Spa day with a bottle of good wine and good friends

Favorite Movie Quote

“Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming” – Finding Nemo

Songs Included on the Soundtrack of your life

Five Year’s Time (Noah & The Whale), Perfect World (Liz Phair), What a Feeling (Flashdance)

You won't catch me without

a giant purse stuffed with at least one emergency charger, hand wipes, lipstick, action heroes, and crushed goldfish.

Favorite Publication

U.S. Weekly (pronounced “U.S.” not “US” to sound educational)

Favorite Promotional Product

dual port chargers for phones/tablets, mesh tip stylus pens, BUILT NY travel organizer and Contigo spill-proof travel tumblers & bottles.

Nickname and Why

Mandy Candy = Twizzler monster