Jun 2020 17
posted by axis

Pride Month 2020 may look different than previous years, but this does NOT mean Pride is canceled. The Supreme Court ruling this week was a significant victory as it affirmed that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 covers LGBTQ workers from job discrimination. This ruling calls for a celebration! Since many worldwide Pride events will be celebrated virtually, we’ve gathered a few items to help you to not only celebrate the month but all year round, whether celebrating at home or outdoors. 

Pride Enamel Pins

Celebrate your love and individualism with enamel pins you can pin on anything from hats, denim jackets, or even your everyday bag!

Tie-Dye Everything!

Since quarantine, we’ve seen this nostalgic trend make a comeback and bring people joy while stuck at home — tie-dye fashion. This fashionable trend is a great way to celebrate pride and show off all year round. This popular dye always seems to makes a comeback and never really goes out of style. Choose your colors here and start celebrating.

6-Foot Long Koozie Chain

We get it, what pride celebration is complete without friends? Social gatherings are quite tricky as we must stay cautious of our distance. This 6-foot long koozie chain, also known as Drink-A-Link, is a unique way to come together to celebrate while keeping the appropriate distance of 6ft.

Pennant Flags  

Deck out your workspace at home or in the office with pennant flags. Customize your flag to commemorate who you are.

Zoom Pride Backgrounds

FREE download below!

Hosting your own virtual Pride? We’ve got your virtual back covered, literally. Download our FREE virtual Zoom backgrounds here! Digital art created by Axis Promotions Graphic Designer, Jon Porcasi. Learn how to customize your Zoom background here.

It’s time to put your best Pride outfit, celebrate your individualism, and the history of Pride month. Tune into global virtual Pride events here! 🌈