Dec 2016 15
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Shamini Peter

As a leader in product safety and compliance, Axis' Shamini Peter knows the cost of social noncompliance.  A smaller budget is not an excuse to cut corners!  In the December issue of PPB, she discusses the effects of bidding wars on factory conditions & supplier decisions and shares her best practices.

Here are the eight questions every good supplier needs to ask!

1. How long has the factory been in business?

2. When was the supplier’s last order with this factory?

3. Does the factory have any social compliance accreditation such as SMETA 4 pillar, BSCI, SA8000 SEDEX, etc.?

4. Does your supplier visit the factory prior to making a decision to work with them

5. Does the supplier perform a capability audit to verify if the factory can handle production, or does it subcontract out to other parties that may operate under questionable working conditions?

6. Does the supplier use a third‑party accredited agency or have an internal auditor who verifies information pertaining to working conditions at the factory?

7. Does the supplier belong to a third-party organization that validates their sourcing practices and processes?

8. Are audits the only tool that the supplier uses to verify factory conditions?

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