Apr 2015 20
posted by Chelsea Fives

Axis was chosen as one of ten PPB's 2015 Greatest Companies to Work for.  PPB describes the nominees as, "Among those similar characteristics are strong work ethics and core values, their ability to work together toward team success, share their resources with the community and celebrate their wins, learn from their losses and recognize the contributions of dedicated employees." To read the full article go to, PPB Magazine.

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PPB went into more detail about each company that was nominated in their June issue. Many of employees expressed their love for Axis' culture in the article. Our HR Director, Drew Goldberg, wrote “it’s the people,” says Goldberg. “I have been here two years and am just amazed how ‘all in’ everyone is when it comes to continuing to improve and grow. Employees who have been here 10-plus years have the same high-energy level and passion that new hires exude. The commitment level is off the charts.” Axis is proud to have such a determined, motivated, and positive staff!